Who We Serve

Our team is passionate about helping our clients pursue their goals. Broadly speaking, we work with individuals and families to plan for retirement as well as guide and support those who have already retired. However, each client that we meet with has unique circumstances and concerns as they prepare for and enter retirement. In addition, we believe that it is extremely important to prepare future generations for success, and we extend our services to the families and loved ones of our clients.

Listed below are the areas that we work to assist clients in, as well as some of the common questions we get from individuals and families in these stages of life. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss any of these or any other questions you have in more detail.


-How much money will I need in retirement?

-When should I begin taking social security and what implications will it have on my retirement?

-What is long-term care insurance and why is it important?


-What is a safe withdrawal rate to take from my portfolio so I don’t run out of money?

-What options do I have when I take my required minimum distribution (RMD)?

-What estate planning strategies should I consider to leave a legacy for my family?*


-How much should we be saving and where should we be investing our money?

-What is the most effective way to help fund our child’s education?

-Which tax planning strategies will allow us to maximize our retirement savings?*



*Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. does not provide legal or tax advice, therefore it is also important to consult with your legal and tax professionals for additional guidance tailored to your specific situation.