Why Hire a Financial Advisor?

Goals-Based Investing

No two individuals have the exact same financial circumstances or goals, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how financial plans should be built. We believe that proper planning involves three steps: defining your goals on the front-end, developing a financial plan and building a portfolio in the context of your goals, and continually reviewing and monitoring your plan as your goals change and evolve over time.

Behavioral Education and Modification

The data shows that as investors, we are all subject to personal biases – both cognitive and emotional – which are reflected in our decision-making process. The objective is not to highlight that we’re inclined to make poor investment decisions, but to recognize that such biases exist and the implications that they can have on our investments. Our role is to reduce these biases through proper planning, encouraging good behavior and avoiding costly mistakes.

Peace of Mind

Building financial security is a long-term process filled with many obstacles and life changes along the way. We can help you organize your financial picture, prioritize your long-term goals and provide peace of mind through sound financial decisions. From there, our job is to monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis so that you are free to enjoy the other areas of life that are important to you.


For more information, see our firm's article "Why Do I Need a Financial Advisor?" for a discussion on how an advisor can help you achieve financial security.